My husband and I just finished an amazing experience working with Scott Obermeyer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation! Back in January, we began working with Wells Fargo on our home loan. The loan fell through on the day we were supposed to close. We got in touch with Scott to try to save our home. Scott and his team worked on a new loan and we closed on our home loan in 7 days. In the end, the mortgage debacle with Wells Fargo turned out just to be a blip thanks to Scott and his team. I would recommend starting the process with Scott in the beginning to eliminate any headaches along the way.
— Debbie A.

My wife and I were planning to relocate from the East Coast to Arizona in July 2015. We contacted our initial lender in April to get the process started on a property we had identified and decided to pursue. In the ensuing weeks and months, our lender seemed to be dragging their feet. Poor and infrequent communication typically consisting of ‘we need another document from you just in case’ or something we needed the Rosetta Stone to decipher were typical. As frustration and concern mounted, it seemed that it would be a greater risk to stay with the initial lender than it would be to change horses in midstream.

Based upon a recommendation we had received, I contacted Scott at Fairway by e-mail 10 days prior to our originally scheduled closing date. Although he was on on vacation, Scott contacted me almost immediately to discuss our situation. Following this conversation, Scott and his team took over starting from scratch and moved with amazing speed, transparency, clarity and accuracy. They made us feel that they were fully invested in this process and that we were their priority – communicating regularly every step of the way. As of this writing (9 days later), in the face of vacation, the 4th of July weekend, and other customers to address, we are on schedule to close on the purchase of our home tomorrow.

While I do not expect 10 days start to finish is typical, be advised that Scott and his team do in fact ‘move mountains’. If you are ready to buy a home and are prepared to commit to the process (providing documents and information in a timely manner) – your search for a lender ends here. Call Scott – you will be glad you did.
— Rich D.